Storm Process

Storm related damage from hail and high winds have been a growing problem for homeowners in Minnesota since 1998. Trained spotters and law enforcement report an average of 38 storms a year in the Twin Cities greater metro area. When these storms occur, whether they are big or small, the proper knowledge and training to assist you with your damages is important. Without this, it can be very difficult to spot hail or wind damage that your home may have sustained.

When the longevity or workability of your exterior products may be compromised in any way, it is a good idea to have a complete exterior damage assessment and consultation performed to identify any possible damage. For a homeowner, choosing the right knowledgeable contactor for your damage assessment and consultation is extremely important and can govern the success for repairing the damaged products on your home.

Since storms have become more of a growing problem in Minnesota, the staff at My Exteriors, Inc. has spent this time standing beside homeowners helping them with their restoration needs. At My Exteriors, Inc. we have a highly trained staff with storm damage specialists to insure your free damage assessment and consultation will identify any and all storm related implications and return your home back to its original state.

Please take a few minutes to read below and see how My Exteriors, Inc. can help you with your storm repairs. 

  • My Exteriors, Inc. will complete a free, no obligation damage assessment of your entire property.
  • If storm damage is found on your property, a My Exteriors, Inc. representative will show you the damage (if possible) and explain its implications.
  • When the damage is revealed, My Exteriors, Inc. will explain the entire insurance process for repairing and/or replacing all damaged products. 
  • Then, we will assist you (the homeowner) in calling your insurance agent to begin your insurance claim.
  • Approximately two weeks from the claim being open, an insurance adjuster will set an appointment for him/her to inspect (adjust) your property.
  • It is VERY important for a My Exteriors, Inc. representative to be present at the time of adjustment to ensure a proper damage assessment of your property. The insurance adjuster is working on behalf of the insurance company. My Exteriors, Inc. will work on your behalf to make sure you get what you deserve.
  • When the adjuster reviews the damage and your claim is approved, the insurance company will issue an initial check (ACV) so the work to restore your home can begin.
  • My Exteriors, Inc. will provide you a wide variety of product and color options to complete the damaged repairs.
  • Most importantly, your expense will NOT exceed your deductible unless you choose to upgrade materials or labor at your own expense.


 My Exteriors, Inc. is your trusted exterior remodeler specializing in roofing, siding, windows, gutters and storm restoration for your home. Please contact us today for your free estimate or home inspection. We will have one of our highly trained experts meet with you to explore your exterior or restoration needs.